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 Tel. : +91-11-42581008, 45719972


Product Range

Cell Culture
  - Microbial Contamination
      Mycoplasma Detection
      Endotoxin Detection
      Elimination of Bacterial Contamination

  - Selective Antibiotics
      Bacterial & Mammalian Cell Selection

Mammalian Expression Vectors
  - Cloning Vectors
      Fc-Fusion Proteins (N Terminal)
      Engineered Fc Regions

  - Genes
      Open Reading Frames

  - Plasmid Amplification
     E. coli Growth Media

Reporter Cell Lines
  - PRR Reporter Cells
      TLR Reporter Cells
      CDS / STING Reporter Cells
      Inflammasome Reporter Cells

  - Cytokine Reporter Cells
      IFN Reporter Cells
      IL - I & TNF Reporter Cells

  - Reporter Detection Reagents
      SEAP Detection Reagents
      Luciferase Detection Reagent

PRR Ligands
  - PAMPS Collection
      TLR Ligands
      CDS / STING Ligands
      CLR Ligands
      Multi-PRR Ligands

  - TLR Agonist Kits
      TLR9 Ligand Discovery Kits

  - TLR & NOD Response Profiling
      Multi-TLR Array
      TLR & NOD Test Strips

  - PRR Ligand Screening Service
      Dectin-I Ligand Screening
      Mincle Ligand Screening

  - Soluble Receptor : Fc Fusion Proteins
      Soluble Dectin-I Receptors
      Soluble TLR5 Receptor

  - Inhibitors
      Inhibitors of Hsp90
      Inhibitors of Innate Immunity
      Inhibitors of m TOR and Calcineurin Signaling
      Inhibitors of NF-kB and MAPK Activation

   - shRNA-Expressing Plasmids
      Ready-Made psiRNATM

Antibodies & Vaccination
  - Antibody Generation
      pFUSE-CHIg & pFUSE2-CLIg

  - Antibody Collection
      Primary Antibodies
      Isotype Controls

  - Streptavidin-Luciferase Conjugate

  - Vaccine Adjuvants
      VacciGrade™ PRR Ligands

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