Molecular Biology Kits

Bio Basic offers the most cost effective alternatives to the standard Molecular Biology Kits without sacrificing quality. These high performing kits are designed to maximize quality with significant savings in cost.


A wide array of biochemicals available at Bio Basic including general chemicals, stains, indicators, Cell/Molec. Biology Reagents and Buffers. Click on this category to browse through our listings of biochemicals.

Culture Media

A large variety of Culture Media and Culture Media related chemicals such as Agar, Broths, Medium, Supplements, Growth Regulators and other culture related reagents.

PCR Related

Bio Basic carries a wide range of PCR related reagents, including enzymes and our most popular dNTPs, dNMPs, NTPs, PCR-Premixes, Buffers and Kits.

Electrophoresis Related

A popular selection of products specialized for Electrophoresis, including ladders for DNA, RNA, Protein; Precast Gels, Agarose, Tracking Dyes, Stains, Acrylamide, Buffers and Reagents.


A wide selection of labware ranging from Tissue Culture labware, PCR tubes, columns, pipette tips, filter tips, racks, pipettes, multiwell plates and many more.

Premade Proteins

Bio Basic offers all proteins of the highest purity and activity
– Including Recombinant Protein (Cytokines, Defensins, Growth Factors, Hormones, Ubiquitins, Neurotrophins), Enzymes, Albumins and Standards.


A modest selection of antibiotics available at Bio Basic,
with a focus on culture related antibiotics.

Benchtop Equipment

Bio Basic offers high performance and quality benchtop equipment such as Centrifuges, Homogenizers, Thermal Cyclers, Mixers, Heat Baths and many more.